Sage Lacerte

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Sage Lacerte is Carrier from the Lake Babine Nation and has served as the Founder and CEO of the Sage Initiative since 2019. Previously, Sage served as the National Youth Ambassador of the Moose Hide Campaign – a grass roots movement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and boys that works to end violence against women and children in Canada, with a particular focus on post-secondary initiatives. Sage holds a degree from the University of Victoria in Gender Studies and has been informed by Indigenous knowledge from all her relations across Turtle Island and beyond. This year she became certified as a BIPOC birthworker and doula.

In her role as Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Sage removes barriers and builds connections with equity-deserving communities, and helps ensure Boann’s policies, processes, and training programs are trauma-informed, social-equity oriented and culturally safe.