Black History Month: Susan Henry Feature

Black History Month is a time to recognize Black contributions and people we admire. For Boann, we need look no further than our own team for Black leadership we look up to. We want to share with you some thoughts from the minds who influence us, in their own words.

Jaiveer Gandhi

Senior Analyst

Ajmal Sataar

Founder, Small Economy Works

Eddy Adra

Chief Executive Officer, Coast Funds

Alicia Dubois

Chief Investment Officer

Lauren Dobell

Chris Googoo

Chief Operating Officer, Ulnooweg and the Executive Director, The Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation

Ka-Hay Law

Partner, TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good

Peter Scott

Lecturer, OCAD University

Erica Barbosa Vargas

EVP, Global Head of Investments, SecondMuse Capital

Chelsey MacNeil

President, Common Good Solutions

Susan Henry

Director of Community Impact and Financial Inclusion, Alterna

Tristan Smyth

Chief Strategy Officer, Warshield

Stephanie Allen

Principal, Adinkra Strategies

Mohamed Huque

Director, Community Impact at Toronto Foundation

Mitchell Anderson

Lead Minister, St. Paul’s United Church

Lilian Chau

CEO, Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society

Kat Cadungog

Executive Director of the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship

Indi Madar

Senior Manager, Social Impact with Choice Properties REIT

Emeline Le Guen

Research and Development, Chantier de l'économie sociale

Brian Smith

Managing Director of Engagement

Brendan Reimer

Strategic Partner, Values-Based Banking at Assiniboine Credit Union

Benjamin Scott

Founding Project Director / Co-Lead of EntrepreNorth

Andrea Nemtin

Chief Executive Officer, Social Innovation Canada

Rohan Noronha

Investment Analyst

Joy Warimah

Investment Analyst

Wayne Miranda

Market Development

Sage Lacerte

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Emma Lange

Market Development

Rosanne Bernard

Administrative Coordinator

Dana Granofsky

Director of Operations

Audrey Robinson

Director of Investments

Julia Vlad

Portfolio Manager

Derek Ballantyne

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tim Ross

Executive Director, Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada

Paul Lacerte

Founding Managing Partner, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners

Dianne Kelderman

President & CEO, Atlantic Economics

Christelle François (Chair)

CEO, Equity Economic Development Group

Jill Atkey

Chief Executive Officer, BC Non-Profit Housing Association

Thomas Park

Lead Partner, Deep Tech Venture Capital Fund, BDC

Mona-Lisa Prosper

Director, Futurpreneur Canada's Black Entrepreneur Startup Program

Lily Lam

Director of Fund Investments, BDC Capital Management

Samantha Cheung

Principal, Balsam Advisory

Thom Armstrong

Chief Executive Officer, Co-operative Housing Federation of British Columbia