Created as a partnership between the Table of Impact Investment Practitioners (TIIP) and BC Non-Profit Housing Association, The Co-operative Housing Federation of BC and The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, Boann is backed by an initial $154 million contribution from the Government of Canada’s Social Finance Fund to support purpose driven investments.

The Capital of Possibility

Boann is all about new capital, deployed with a difference. We invest in under-capitalized sectors and communities, industries and geographies across Canada. But we’ll also encourage our network to stretch its thinking about where we can find returns on investment, both financially and for the greater good — creating social impact. We use our capital to attract more dollars and more innovation into the impact investing marketplace, and help to create new investment opportunities, fostering new models of funding social progress with the strength of financial capital.

Building on the expertise, capacity and relationships of Canada’s existing social impact investors we aim to generate sustainable, positive and profitable social and environmental impacts that will improve the lives of Canadians.

How we invest

With deep-rooted expertise in the social purpose and investment industries, we invest in a diversity of sectors, regions, and populations by providing capital to Canadian organizations that are investing in impactful solutions that will create positive outcomes for Canadian communities.

We invest to create a sustainable social finance market in which Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) can access flexible and affordable financing to generate positive impact and build sustainable businesses. This will strengthen the existing market while creating new social finance intermediaries from a network of charities and not-for-profit actors.

What we invest in

Our investments must:

Be based in and contribute to positive outcomes in Canada

Create positive social and environmental impacts

Generate financial returns

Enhance social equity practices in Canada’s social finance market to remove barriers that prevent equity-deserving groups from participating in the Canadian business and investing landscape

Attract and leverage capital from non-governmental sources

Support financially, socially and environmentally sustainable enterprises and outcomes

We’re looking for: Sustainability + Impact

We’re here to respond to and develop the capacity of Canada’s growing social finance  marketplace. We adapt to each opportunity and provide flexible approaches across the following areas:

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Who we invest in:

  • Existing Canadian social impact funds, Social Finance Investors, Social Purpose Organizations, and Social Finance Projects, including outcomes financing initiatives
  • First time Fund Managers or Investment Products
  • Enterprises in geographies or contexts where access to Social Finance Investors is limited
  • Social finance models in underserved sectors, regions, and populations. We are especially interested in:
    • Opportunities led by or serving equity deserving groups including women and gender diverse people
    • Investments under-capitalized regions including the North and rural and remote areas

The type of capital in which we invest:

  • We invest across the capital stack, including debt, hybrid debt, equity financing
  • We prioritize social and gender equity, and will facilitate access to a comprehensive range of supports to overcome systemic barriers

Meeting investees where they are:

  • Boann will provide access to comprehensive support to for-profit, not-for-profit, charitable and institutional entities as they move through our investment process, to help ensure their success
  • We are especially interested in working with entities seeking to deepen their impact and expand their financial returns

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